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Polycom - Audio Video Conferencing Equipments

Polycom is the global leader in accessible communication, video collaboration, unified communication, video conferencing, audio conferencing, and solutions to connect over the internet.  It represents a wide range of video conference solutions and individual video conferencing equipment to provide the sturdiest and reliable solutions in the market.

From Unified communication Teleconferencing solution to powerful smart room integration, and cross the platform HD video conferencing, Polycom has it all.

POLYCOM line of products includes:

  • Polycom conferencingUnified Communication InfrastructurePolycom UC solutions create an extensive and highly collaborative environment that connects participants and the presenter for real from multi-geographic locations and platforms. It improves learning, customer satisfaction, employee retention, and corporate rendezvous beyond expectations and augments overall corporate output and competence. For example Polycom Real Presence platform is one of the most complete and authentic solution for widespread video communication.

  • HD Telepresence and Video – The HD video conferencing equipment is the most suitable and appropriate solution to connect with the distributed or diverse knowledge workers, in different locations. It enables virtual video connection between the presenter and the audience and boosts team work, communication, corporate planning, and decision making in an organization. Flagship products include: Polycom® QDX 6000™ High Resolution Video Conferencing System, Polycom WebCommander™, and Polycom VBP™ 5300-E Series, and Polycom RMX 1000™ video conferencing system, etc.

  • Voice Solution – Polycom features a complete range of voice conferencing solutions. Because as compared to traditional video conference solutions, voice conferencing systems are easier to use, integrate with conventional wired and wireless telephony platforms to synchronize and streamline communication and collaboration through out the organization. Products include: Polycom Communicator Speakerphone, Polycom CX200 Desktop Phone, and Polycom SoundPoint® IP 601, etc.

Compared to other similar video conferencing software or FREE video conferencing solutions and Hardware equipments such as LifeSize, Panasonic, and Tandberg, Polycom video conferencing solutions are preferred due to the simplicity and ease of use.

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