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Video Conferencing Solutions

Video conferencing solutions are used worldwide to eliminate the hassle of corporate travel, reduce lodging and meeting cost, and get together in instant to reduce the time to transfer information, knowledge, or findings from one location to another, in minimum time possible.

Video conferencing equipment installed in a facility or room satisfies diverse communication and collaboration needs. It enhances the productivity of the workforce, brings remote workers closer to the organization, and reaches global audience without holdup.

Video conferencing systems are used in various fashions in different industries to meet specific requirements and empower users. Few video conferencing solutions include:

Distance Learning

Distance learning has become an ever increasing phenomenon with the penetration of internet and cloud based technologies, far and wide. HD video conferencing equipments are helping K-12 schools, universities, and institutes to be more proficient and effective in producing, leveraging, and streaming simultaneous classroom lectures to increase profits, connect with students located in different distant geographic locations, and engage them in classroom discussions through voice and text chat capabilities.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring is one of the most recent applications of video conferencing equipment. Polycom, LifeSize, Tandberg, and Panasonic video conference solutions are expanding their scope in healthcare with the advancement of technologies to integrate with digital patient health record and monitoring equipment to supplement communication to the doctor or medical staff in another room.

Centralized Patient monitoring will help hospitals and healthcare facilities to spread out and reach more patients with their existing staff.

Organizational Development

Video conference is also used for corporate or organizational development through instantaneous trainings, lectures, and Expert discussions. The Web video conferencing solution engages workforce in meaningful and comprehensive development through online and interactive on-site trainings and increases workforce productivity with on the spot and seamless communication.

free video conferencing services
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